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For the Home

                                                     NOW                                            C

A $49.99 B
                                                     coupons do not





  NOW                                             G


coupons do not

A. Wreath REG $59.99, NOW $49.99                     D. Lantern REG $29.99, NOW $24.99              G. Juniper Cottage $14.99
Add this pine needle wreath with red                 This classic 16”H lantern with bow and         These adorable cottages are each hand
berries and pine cones to your Holiday               greenery accents includes a 4” candle with     decorated with juniper, fruit, dried floral
décor. 24” diameter. #52015C-RD                      timer. #2360280                                and red raffia. #625
B. Magnolia Table Book $29.99                                                                       H. Wreath $16.99
Magnolia Table is infused with Joanna                E. Acrylic Hanging Angels                      Beautiful 9” solid seed and nut wreath is
Gaines’ warmth and passion for all things            $9.99 EACH                                     decorated with natural juniper and pine
family. Prepared and served straight                 These assorted crystal angel ornaments         cone. Hangs with a raffia ribbon. #632
from the heart of her home, the recipes              add beauty and grace to any tree. Acrylic.     I. Canvas with Christmas Tree $24.99
were inspired by dozens of Gaines family             6”H #52719A                                    This LED nostalgic canvas print features a
favorites and classic comfort selections                                                            vintage red pickup truck with a lit tree in
from the couple’s new Waco restaurant,               F. Gather $54.99                               back. 16”W x 12”H #53527A
Magnolia Table. #9780062820150                       This handcrafted framed décor item
C. Farmhouse Windmill $24.99                         delivers a traditional farmhouse look by
Perfect for adding a little rustic touch to          pairing a natural, stained pine frame with
your home. 16”H #71241                               inspirational typography. The deep boxed
                                                     frame allows for tabletop display, as well as
IB 4                                                 hanging on the wall. #VFR0081
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