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Playful Projects




A. Magical Horses $19.99                        D. Maker Lab Air Blast Cannon $24.99                                             F. Mini Bake Shop $21.99
The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses            Ready, aim, blast! Using the fun and clear                                       Create and decorate your own mini cakes,
comes with 6 paper ponies, 3 paper-doll         instruction book, construct a moveable,                                          cookies and pies with easy-peasy, no
fairies and everything you need to dress        air-powered cannon and fire away at                                              BAKE, air-dry clay. This kit includes all
them up to your heart’s content. Swap           the included targets. Makers will explore                                        of the “ingredients” and instructions for
fashions easily with the removable sticky       the physics of projectiles, the mechanics                                        rolling out clay just like fondant. Make
dots. Includes 4 playscapes. #280483            of pneumatics, and how they work in                                              faux flowers, stack on the sprinkles, add
                                                everyday machines -- like bicycle pumps!                                         expressive faces, and more! Display your
B. Sew Your Own Llama Pillow $21.99                                                                                              clay creations on a mini-cake stand or in
Stitch and stuff a furry friend with a touch    #827124                                                                          a beautiful box to highlight your baking
of personality! Everything you need is                                                                                           talents! #821020
included in this kit including super soft faux  E. Grow Your Own Crystal Mini Worlds
fur and beautiful pre-cut patterns. Give        $22.99                                                                                                                                     KM 1
your llama extra drama by customizing it’s      Grow your own magical mini worlds
expression and adding a variety of trendy       while exploring the science of minerals
accessories to complete the look. #827105       and crystal formation! Each kit includes
                                                materials needed to create 3 different
C. My Fairy Wish Kit $19.99                     dazzling projects: a dragon’s cave, a
Kids will love greeting their tiny magical      unicorn’s forest, and a seahorse’s coral reef.
friends with this fairy welcoming kit.          You’ll enchant your family and friends with
Complete with ten projects and special          your rainbow creations! #827123
instructions on how to summon a visit from
their favorite fairy, this kit is essential to
giving your child a boost of confidence.

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