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Playtime Fun




A. Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set         C. Dinosaur Party Play Set $19.99                    E. Farm Friends Hand Puppets $19.99
$29.99                                      These prehistoric pals are the life of               This four-piece hand-puppet set makes it
This 24 piece collection comes with two     any dinosaur party! This collection of 9             easy for children and caregivers to role-
adorable plush pets, a dog and a cat and    realistic felt-covered miniature models              play together. Great for developing motor
all the accessories to give young animal    of prehistoric creatures includes some of            skills, self-confidence, parent-child bonding
lovers everything they need to examine      the most recognized and popular species,             and more. Includes a sheep, cow, pig and
and treat pretend pets! Ages 3+ #8520       ranging from the small but super-swift               horse. Ages 3+ #9080
B. Emergency Vehicle Carrier $19.99         Velociraptor, to the “king of the dinosaurs,”
This giant two-level tractor-trailer comes  T-Rex, to the gentle giant Apatosaurus.
stocked with four wooden emergency          Ages 3+ #2666
vehicles. Classic design and sturdy         D. Musical Farmyard Cube $19.99
construction is sure to last through years  This soft farmyard toy will delight young
of hands-on play. Ages 3+ #4610             children with its adorable animals, sounds,
                                            sights and textures. Includes sturdy
KM 2                                        textured ring, knotted tags, crinkly flower
                                            petals and tabs and a toddler-tough plastic
                                            mirror. Ages 6 months + #9177
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